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Game platforms have grown remarkably in the last twenty years. With more reliable hardware, each generation came with more significant and more complex games. The deficiency of accurate Game QA analysis has driven many big-budget games being delivered with performance issues or with a lousy design, resulting in poor sales and negative reviews. The success of a game depends not solely on the quality of a game but also guaranteeing a satisfying user experience. The correct test strategy is key to reaching a successful product release.
GameTesting.com offers complete end-to-end services to Game Developers and Publishers. We work with them 24/7/365 to make sure their product is what they envision it to be.
What We Do. How We Do It.
    Our Game Testers consists of well-seasoned testers who have gone through vigorous training and development. The recruits undergo a training process that is relevant and educational. We are experienced in both development and outsourced service providing.
    QA is our devotion, and our business is quality. We instill passion and enthusiasm into our services and your product.
    Our team consists of testers from development and can manage tight deadlines. We aim to match the reality of development by being as flexible as you want us to be.
    We are open to time-sensitive requests and can push testing dates with 24 hours notice. We will work until the task is completed, if necessary, into the weekend hours. We accommodate your schedule, so your product doesn't have to.
    We are accessible in various sorts of communication methods. Our communication style makes us feel like we're a part of your immediate team. We provide you all the data you need throughout the test phase.
    Bugs are entered into databases as they are discovered.
    Test reports are sent at the end of the day to outline our daily input and concerns.
    Senior management and personal test leads are on hand pre/during/post-test execution. We can customize what information is delivered to match exact needs.
    Quality assurance is a critical component in game development, though the video game industry does not have a standard methodology. Until now...
    Instead, developers and publishers have their methods. Small developers do not generally have QA staff; however, large companies may employ QA teams full-time. High-profile commercial games are professionally and efficiently tested by the publisher's QA department.

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    Full Functional Game Testing is the method to identify bugs or errors in a game that may affect the user experience.

    Functional testing is our devotion and something we have been dedicated to for decades. We appreciate the complexity or the ease of the games, and we enjoy testing all of them.

    Our talented testers are interviewed by industry experts, trained by the best of staff, and work internally at our offices or externally onsite at your offices.
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    Multi-Platform Testing is when game developers/game producers want their products tested by popular platforms.

    We test on multi-platform systems such as PS, DS, PSP, Xbox, PC & Switch. We test on all current and previous generation games consoles, Windows and Linux operating systems, top web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, as well as Android, Amazon, and iOS mobile platforms.

    Our testers for each platform work in sync with the same goal in mind, a flawless gaming experience.
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    Console Compliance Testing is when games are tested by console manufacturers to ensure every phase of the game completely adheres to their terminology, requirements and standards.

    Before a game is sold to the market, it first needs to go through certification. This process is conducted by the hardware developers such as Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, who need to be sure that a game follows established guidelines before it is allowed to be sold in stores. If developers need to outsource the compliance testing, that's when we step in.

    We have all the tools and know-how to drive forward your products to be console compliant.
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    Gameplay and Usability Consultancy goal is to help game developers ensure the user interface is easy to use, and there are no challenges in the gameplay preventing the user from quitting.

    We are experts at helping to create the very best gameplay experiences. We offer our clients specialized services unique to their needs. We discuss to understand your expectations for the project, the demographic, the thought process behind the design, and we advise on the success of the implementation through detailed documentation and ongoing dialogue.
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    Game Localization is the process of verifying if texts, audio files are correctly translated, and the game supports that language. Game localization involves developing games for their releases in various parts of the world. The purpose of localization is to create a fun, non-confusing play experience for the end-user by paying attention to their distinct cultural context while being true to the source material.

    Different regions speak different languages, have different cultures, and have different content and censorship regulations. Translating the game text is a big part of localization, the process involves any modifications made to a game, including changing art assets, designing new packaging and manuals, recording current audio, transforming hardware, editing out portions of the game due to differing cultural sensitivities and regional legal requirements, and even combining sections to substitute cut content.

    If a player thinks the product is not meant for them, or if the localization generates confusion or difficulty in comprehension, this may interrupt their mental involvement and disturb the player's capability to proceed with the game.
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    Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality is the concept of turning a real-time environment into a gaming experience. There is an increasing demand for VR testing.

    Testing VR/AR products require extreme attention since it's not the usual program with similar elements. It requires more time, space, and breaks in testing since it comes with its challenges. A bug is always based on knowledge, experience, and prescribed parameters and specifications.

    The testing team strategy is unique in this field since VR was introduced to us in the 21st century. It's an area we see steady growth and new opportunities.
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    Play Test Services tests difficulty levels, storyline, game involvement, level tuning, and game balancing, which helps improve the gameplay experience.

    We give customized feedback/analytics based on our clients demands within our play test services.

    We at GameTesting.com offer complete end-to-end services to Game Developers and Publishers. We work with them 24/7/365 to make sure their product is what they envision it to be.

Testing Techniques
  • Ad-hoc Testing
    Ad-hoc testing technique is free from testing performed without planning and documentation, but can be applied to early scientific experimental studies. The strength of ad hoc testing is that important defects can be found quickly since it's not structured.
  • Progression Testing
    Progression testing technique is the task to run the system with existing test cases that were retained from the system tests. The reasoning is that if the test data are held constant and something does not work, it must be due to the changes made to the system. This proves that all of the previous system functions still work.
  • Regression Testing
    Regression testing technique is defined as a type of software testing to validate that a new program or code revision has not negatively affected current features. This testing is performed to make sure that new code changes should not have side effects on the present functionalities. It guarantees that the old code still works once the latest code revisions are completed.
Bug Tracker
We are well versed in the knowledge of bug databases. They are an essential part of testing when tracking the stages of a bug. We manage them with the care and attentiveness that is required to track all bugs. Bug tickets are detailed and put into categories such as visual, audio, level design, artificial intelligence, physics, stability, performance, networking, and compatibility. Bugs are always verified, updated, and closed out once we receive confirmation the bug no longer exists. The bug database serves as a guide to other testers due to its rich content in the documentation of steps taken to resolve the issue.
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