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Are you a game-loving tech enthusiast with a knack for creativity and problem-solving? If you're passionate, driven, and ready to level up in a team where details matter and deadlines spark your superpowers, we want you!

We're Looking For:

  1. Game & Tech Enthusiasts - Love games? Know your way around web and mobile platforms? Perfect!
  2. Creative Thinkers - Ideas are your playground, and creativity is your game.
  3. Team Players with Great Communication Skills - You're as good with people as you are with games.
  4. Quality Assurance Ninjas - Spotting bugs and testing like a pro? That's you!
  5. Under Pressure Performers - Timelines and challenges? Bring them on!
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Training & Development
Training and Development is aimed at bettering the job performance of individuals and groups in corporate settings.
Training presents a chance to grow the knowledge base of all employees, but many employers find development opportunities expensive. Training and development provide both the individual and organizations as a whole with benefits that make the cost and time a valuable investment.
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    Benefits of Training & Development
    Exceptional employee performance the employee who receives the necessary training, is more able to perform in their job.

    Improved employee redemption and morale the investment in training that a company makes shows employees that they are valued. The training creates a supportive workplace.

    Address weaknesses - Some employees will have some deficiencies in their workplace skills. A training program allows strengthening those skills each employee needs to improve.
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    Do I need a Degree to Become a Game Tester?
    A degree related to programming or video games could improve your chances of getting a job as a game tester, but is not a requirement.

    Possible degrees for video game tester include:

    Game Design
    Software Development
    Software Design
    Software Engineering
    Computer Programming
    Computer Science
    Graphic Communication
    Software Quality Assurance
    Software Testing
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    What Does a Video Game Quality Assurance (QA) Tester Do?
    Your job is to find bugs. Your responsibility as a QA tester is to break the game. You want to terminate any code that doesn't work.
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    The Benefits of Being A Game Tester
    - Meet people from the gaming industry
    - Get a sneak peek at game before they are released
    - Give you exposure to working hard and deadlines
    - Position can serve as a way to get your foot in the door for other opportunities

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